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Teacher Complete 4 pack

Teacher Complete 4 pack

The Teacher GenoType Diet Supplement System 3 Pack (Activator, Catalyst, and Fish Oil formula) combined Exakta

Teacher GenoType Diet and Supplement Strategy

The Teacher GenoType has an open, tolerant and altruistic biological relationship with the environment. This Type is based on an archetype of a Teacher, learning by being open to new things and new ideas and possessing an inherent ' wisdom of the body.' Biologically, the Teacher GenoType is able to encounter many new environments, tolerate and quickly adapt to and learn from change. Together with GenoType specific diet and lifestyle strategies, the Teacher GenoType Supplement System formulas work in harmony to support your body' s natural ability to maximize the Teacher GenoType' s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.
Teacher Challenges

The downside of being tolerant may be:

    * Chronic infections due to overly tolerant immune system
    * Bacterial overgrowth and parasites leading to sensitive digestive system
    * More likely to tolerate aberrant cells
    * Increased experience of mental stress when in poor health

Teacher Opportunities

With the proper Geno-correct support and nutrition strategies, the Teacher GenoType has a remarkable ' body wisdom,' which allows it to respond quickly to Geno-correct strategies. Positive responses can include:

    * Supporting body's naturally balanced immune response
    * Supporting the body' s ability to avoid build up of toxins
    * Balance digestive flora for improved gut function

This pack contains:

    * Teacher Activator
    * Teacher Catalyst
    * Fish Oil formula
    * Exakta
Teacher Complete 4 pack
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