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Blood Type Diet

Blood type diet

The evolution of science has caused revolutionary changes in the medical field. People now are looking for different strategies to stay healthy. In this striving for better health we have developed blood type diets that can ensure that you stay healthy throughout your life.

Blood type diets have been developed by Dr D’Adamo, a famous physician and blood type diet specialist. According to D’Adamo every human should consume specific foods and minerals suitable for his/her blood types. He classifies the 13 different human races in accordance with the O, A, B and AB blood groups. Blood type diets are developed from unique formulae with no compromise in the quality of the products. We have classified our blood type products into 4 types namely blood type O, blood type A, blood type B and blood type AB.

Some may ask why we need a “blood type” diet if we are balanced in our traditional dieting methods. The answer to this, as proposed by Dr D’Adamo, is the evolutionary theory of blood groups and food habits influencing various blood groups all spanning from their ancestors. Blood group O is hunter and needs protein rich diet. Blood group A are known to be the cultivators and are to have a vegetable rich diet. People with blood group B are known to have strong immune systems and have to consume dairy products on a regular basis.

The youngest blood group is blood group AB which only arrived 1000 years ago. The dietary requirement of people with blood group AB lies between blood group A and blood group B. Blood type diets are prepared keeping in mind these facts about blood groups.

Why choose blood type diet?
• Blood type diets are the result of years of research by Dr D’Adamo and have earned approval worldwide.
• Thousands of happy customers are leading a healthy life because of the use of blood type diets.
• Each diet consists of a specific amount of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients required.
• Our health and life expectancy are directly related to the type of food we consume. It’s seen that people who choose right type of food stay healthy and live longer.

Why buy a blood type diet product from us?
• We only sell blood type diet products designed by Dr D’Adamo.
• We have the legacy of years of selling heath products throughout New Zealand and Australia.
• We provide blood type diet products required for all blood groups at reasonable prices.
• We will deliver your product in 3 to 7 days in Australia from the ordering date and you will be provided a tracking ID by which you can track your products.
• You can return the products within 7 days of purchase if you have found any problem. The product return should be authenticated by the company.
• Our customer service representative will be ready to help you any time around the clock.