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Blood Type A Diet

Blood type A diet

Every individual on earth is different. They may be of different skin colour, body shape, character, and also have different genetics. But there is one feature that is common to every person – we all have blood groups.

Studies have proved that a person having a particular blood group can have a common nutritional plan or diet to follow their whole life. These studies were later developed into a book by the author Peter D’Adamo entitled “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. Apart from the correct foods suggested by him, he has also developed additional supplements like shakes, juices, pills, bars, skin cosmetics, also chocolates that are unique for each of the four blood types.

Right4yourtypeau.com presents some basic health supplements, green tea products, bars and shakes, through our online shop that will help you to stay healthy, lose weight, and also gain mass.
For the Blood Type A diet a product called Basics Pack A is provided which contains a packet of Deflect Lectin Blocker, Polyvite Multi-vitamin, Phytocal Mulit-mineral, and Polyflora Probiotic. Deflect Lectin Blocker provides anti-adhesive therapy to lectin sensitive individuals. These ABO specific formulas block the effects of dietary lectins before they cause damage, by providing a source of free blocking carbohydrate. DEFLECT promotes digestive health by helping to repair damage from foods that are bad for our health.

Polyvite provides all the levels of vitamin and herbal co-factors for your blood type. Phytocal is a natural calcium source product for our bone wellbeing. Polyflora delivers therapeutic levels of blood type friendly bacteria (probiotics) and growth media (prebiotics) specific for your type.

There are several other products like DEFLECT A, Healthy weight loss packs, Protein Blends, Sip Right 4 Your Type Tea, Weight Control System Packs, just for the blood type A.

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